Painted Barricades for Star Wars Legion

Painted Barricades from Star Wars Legion Core Set

I had a bunch of barricades hanging around from a Star Wars Legion core set so I figured I’d uses them to experiment with adding weather effects and other distressing.

Note, the set includes a 9th barricade which is a 3D printed one I acquired at some point.

The Base Coat

I spilt the set into two haves to provide some variety and so that I could compare the different colours.

I stippled the base coats on with Artis Opus dry-brushes, added some shades and then dry-brushed to pick out the edges. The great thing about using stippling is that it is quick to do and gives your bases coat some texture to start with.


I wanted to find a quick and reliable way to create scratches on the paint work.  I experimented  and ended up using a couple of knackered old brushes with some pretty dry paint. You get control of the direction of the scratches, but they are applied in a chaotic fashion as to not look ‘deliberate’ as they would if you painted them on normally.

Rust and Corrosion

Corrosion was added by first painting off-white (light grey), and then adding in some dark browns and a bit of black to the centre of the of-white.

I tried a couple of methods for adding the patches of corrosion. I found that using a sponge was a bit of a pain so settled on kinda stippling the off-white with quite a dry paint.  I went back in and used this method and some normal painting to add the dark bits.

I also used some GW Typhus Corrosion in the rust spots to give some variety to the colour of the corrosion.


From some of the corroded spots I used a variety of washes to drag out some stains.

Painted T47 Airspeeder for Star War Legion
Painted Barricades for Star Wars Legion
Painted Barricades for Star Wars Legion
Painted Barricades for Star Wars Legion