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Painting Them Yourself

  • Steep learning curve; long time to master
  • Typically poor first-time results
  • High initial set-up costs (paint, brushes, lights, tools etc)
  • Requires space (desk, studio etc)
  • Awful value-for-money, until you have some experience


Getting a Commission

  • Beneift from of years of experience
  • Great results first time
  • Good value for money
  • Has all the kit (paints, brushes, lights etc)

Recent Commission Projects

Geonosians and Heroes of Dunland

This commission consisted of two seperate parts

Geonosian Warriors, Sun Fac and Poggle

These guys were a bit of a nightmare to assemble as they’re so fiddly!

Heroes of Dunland

These are really nice Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures. As is typical for Games Workshop, the minis have lots of detail and take way longer to paint than others, for example, the Geonosians above.

Painted Geonosian Warriors for Star Wars Legion

Painted Geonosian Warriors

Painted Geonosian Poggle for Star Wars Legion

Painted Poggle for Star Wars Legion

Painted Heroes of Dunland

Painted Heroes of Dunland

Moff Gideon and Dark Troopers

A commission project to paint 3 units of Dark Troopers and Moff Gideon.

Two references were used to help paint these minis. For Gideon, the box art was used for guidance, and for the Dark Troopers, Sarastro’s guide for painting Death Troopers provided inspiration.

Moff gideon and 2 dark troopers

Moff Gideon with two rocket jumping Dark Troopers

3 units of dark troopers and moff gideon

Moff Gideon with 3 units of Dark Troopers, painted for this commission

Dreadnoughts and Squadrons

These ships were further additions to a Pirate Fleet that already contained the Neblon-B Cruiser and Providence carrier (see below).

2 Painted Dreadnought-class heavy cruisers for Star Wars Armada

Two Dreadnought-class Cruisers for Star Wars Armada

3 fighter squadrons painted as a commission for star wars armada

Two VT-49 Decimators and a Lancer Pursuit Craft or Star Wars Armada

Nebulon Cruiser

The Nebulon cruiser here was quite a straight forward brief: paint it in grey and then use colours similar to the vanilla Fantasy Flight Games Nebulon B Frigate where possible.

A “Delta” decal was added to match the Providence-class carrier which was to be part of the same fleet of ships (see below)

A painted Nebulon Cruiser for Star Wars Armada - painting commission

A Nebulon Cruiser painted for a Star Wars Armada Commission

Painted Providence-class Carrier

A lot of preparation went into painting this miniature – we discussed many topics with the client: we talked paint colours, whether to use a sigil and how to do it, and what to do for “battle damage”.

While all the communication was quite time consuming, it was very much worth it to esnure we were on the same page when it came to getting the requirements right!

A painted Providence-class carrier, painted for a Star Wars Armada Commission

A commission to repaint a Providence-class carrier for Star Wars Armada

Painted Revell 1/5000 scale Imperial Star Destroyer

What a fantastic model! At over 30cm long, its quite a bit bigger than a Star Wars Armada Star Destroyer. Plenty of surface detail really brings the model to life; just apply plenty of shading and lots of dry-brushing for highlights.

A Revell 1 to 5000 scale Imperial Star Destroyer - painted for a commission

A Revell 1 to 5000 scale Imperial Star Destroyer – painted for a commission

Rebel Troopers Painting Commission

The brief for these guys was to paint a unit of Rebel Troopers and 2 sets of Rebel Trooper Upgrades in the same style as an existing set of Rebel Troopers that were for sale on eBay.

These minatures are a good example of painting to a “Tabletop Standard”.  Extra time was spent on the colourful alien heads –  they are very high contrast offer an opportunity to “draw your eyes” to them, and make a change from the normal drab military colours.

Rebel Troopers and Rebel Trooper Upgrades for Star Wars Legion

Painted Rebel Troopers for Star Wars Legion  

Obi Wan Kenobi Painting Commission

Obi here is a good example of a character model that is painted to good standard.

Time has been spent on his face, the cloak and getting white armour to look right. White armour is notoriously difficult to paint and typically takes many layers of paint to be built up to give it depth.

Also, Obi Wan has been based on a more interesting red/yellow base which increases the overall contrast of the final miniature.

Obi Wan Kinobi painting commission

Painted Obi Wan Kenobi for Star Wars Legion  

Revell AT-ST Painting Commission

This model was the first part of a larger commission project – creating an Endor-like woodland scene, full of Imperials!

The brief for the AT-ST was to have a new-looking AT-ST which meant no rust or battle damage, and to have the model not looking all flat and plastic.

A big round dry-brush from Artis Opus was used to stipple the hull. This gave a non-uniform texture to the paint.

Interestingly,  the model took twice as long to assemble as it did to paint!

AT-ST Painting Commission for Star Wars Legion

Revell 1:48 Scale AT-ST  from Star Wars

Painting Commission for Star Wars Legion

Revell 1:48 Scale AT-ST  from Star Wars

Hondo Ohnaka Commission

The commission brief for Hondo Ohnaka here was to paint him to a decent standard as he’s a display piece as part of a Star Wars Legion style collection.

Hondo Painting Commission for Star Wars Legion

Skreek for Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Armada Squadrons Commission

This was quite a large project: to paint 24 stands of squadrons for Star Wars Armada. That’s 72 tiny little fighters!

Clone Squadrons

The clone squadrons were quite straight forward as I’ve painted lots of rebel squadrons previously, and could use the techniques I’ve developed painting them.

The exception here is that the 4 Jedi fighters all required individual ship colours and markings.

Separtist Squadrons

The Separatist squadrons required a bit of exploration and experimentation before I started work on my client’s miniatures.

The Tri-fighters, for example, have a tiny pattern on the side of their wings. I had to work out how to reliably paints these triangle designs.

Star Wars Armada Squadrons Painting Commission

Droid Tri-fighters for Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada Squadrons Painting Commission

Delta-7 Squadrons for Star Wars Armada