About Angry Space Triangles

About Angry Space Triangles

About Angry Space Triangles

Rebel Troopers and Rebel Trooper Upgrades for Star Wars Legion

From my recent trip on the Millenium Falcon

The Blog

I started this blog shortly after I begun miniature painting again and having just got into Star Wars Armada, hence the Star Wars Theme.  The blog’s direction has taken a few turns but has settled down on miniature painting pics and acting as a point of contact for miniature painting commissions.

I’m not as massive Star Wars fanboi, but had my mind blown by A New Hope – the opening sequence where the Star Destroyer chases down Tantive IV is just awesome.

About Me

As of now, 2022, I’m currently taking some time out of the software development industry, having become jaded by the rampant short-termism and corporate greed which just results in shitty software and unhappy staff and customers. (Just try using eBay as a seller to see how not to build for the long term.)

Fortunately, this time out has allowed me to try running my own business and I get to focus more creative pursuits and am generally much happier.

My current pursuits…

I’m currently focussing on:

  • Minimising the internet as I’ve found the drive for dopamine wrecks my motivation and productivity
  • Building up the miniature painting commission side of my business
  • Learning new miniature painting techniques
  • Designing a table top game

Some other interests…

In no particular order:

  • The Johnny Depp / Amber Turd case and trial
  • Crypto
  • Getting sunk in World of Warships
  • Growing strawberries
Painted Dewback Rider for Star Wars Legion

Painted Dewback Rider for Star Wars Legion

Miniature Painting

Over 25 years ago, before the Internet, I used to paint miniatures before I went to University.  I got to a reasonable standard all things considered. Roll the clock forward to 2019 and I decided to have another go at it – I can’t remember exactly what it was that seeded the idea.  It turned out that I’d not lost much, if any, of what I’d leant previously.

I’m constantly looking to get better at painting but there are diminishing returns to consider; I want to strike a balance between being productive and producing great looking miniatures. 

Currently, I paint mostly Star Wars Legion miniatures since this fits in nicely with the selling I do on eBay, and Star Wars Legion is quite popular right now.  I started off with painting Star Wars Armada squadrons but as of now, Armada popularity is a bit subdued since the Atomic Mass take over from FFG.

I also have a box or two of Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series 1 in my painting backlog – plenty to keep me occupied!

Obi Wan Kinobi painting commission

Painted Rebel Troopers, as part of a painting commission

Miniature Paintings Commissions

My first goal is to provide value for money since this is what most people what – to get the biggest bang for their bucks. I’ve spend quite my own time experimenting with painting methods to try and get good results quickly; right this minute I’m testing a new method for painting Stormtroopers: painting white models is much harder than it looks since it’s easy to make them look messy.

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