Photo showing some of the new components of version 2

The base set

The stretch goals box

Trays of Miniatures

All the large minis

Blacklist Miniatures – Fantasy Series 1 – Review


This isn’t a big in depth review of the miniatures as I’m not very good at being critical, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the miniatures as I’m super pleased with them.

tldr; the Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series 1 have exceeded my expectations.

I plan to use the miniatures for a board game design project and for this they are perfect.

Thoughts on the Kickstarter

I’ve taken part in a few kickstarter campaigns, and I think this one was the best. Having received the end product, I am pretty pleased with how well what was advertised in the kickstarter matches up with that I actually got.

Excellent Communication Throughout

Blacklist Miniatures did an outstanding job of keeping backers informed throughout the fulfilment process – with over 60 updates going out.  This was particually significant when the there were big delays while containers were sought after in China – this was all well oustide of Blacklist Miniatures control but they kept us backers well informed of what was happening and what to expect.

First Impressions

I was really impressed withe the presentation of all the minis in the 2 boxes. They fit well into their assign places in the plastic trays, with each tray layer protected by a plastic lid.

Obviously more important than the presentation, I was also impressed with the quality of the miniatures.  They looked amazing.

Value for money

Overall I’d say that the biggest win here is I got 200+ miniatures for $88 (£62 in proper money 😀).  This breaksdown as $65 for the miniatures and the rest shipping.

Considering the number of miniatures, the quality, the feel good factor from the nice presentation, I see this as seriously good value for money.

Closer Inspection

Some of the minis have quite a few mould lines to remove, and there are a number of slightly warped bases, but nothing out of the ordinary. Compared to some other minis i’ve come across in the last couple of years, I don’t see any of the production defects as anything to write home about.

I’ll update this post after I’ve painted a bunch of them to see if I steel feel the same.

A worm-thing!

A pesky imp

A banshee

Eeek! A skeleton!

An elf drawing a bow 

An ungly troll